West Essex Alliance

The skills agenda is an important priority for the West Essex Alliance. We want to make West Essex a successful and attractive place to do business, ensuring employers have access to the skilled workforce they require and that local people have access to valuable and appropriate career pathways that lead to decent jobs. 

As a result of Harlow being awarded Enterprise Zone status, the Skills Funding Agency have provided funding to create a West Essex Skills Strategy and a Skills Plan for the Enterprise Zone which will include a focus on the three target sectors of Enterprise West Essex @ Harlow and ensure that employers will be able to attract suitably skilled and qualified local people from across West Essex.


Further details on the Harlow Enterprise Zone Skills Plan can be found by clicking here.


Skills Strategy Background Documents

In order to provide an evidence base for West Essex, an Employment Structure Analysis for West Essex has been carried out. The report can be downloaded here - The Employment Structure in West Essex (pdf, 2.40mb)


Further work has been commissioned to provide background data and evidence for the Skills Strategy and can be found below:

West Essex Skills and Employment Study (pdf, 1.55mb)

West Essex Census Profile Data (pdf, 1.94mb)

Harlow Enterprise Zone Skills Requirement Study (pdf, 856kb)


For further information on the West Essex Skills Strategy please contact Alison Fox, Skills Partnership Officer: alison.fox@harlow.gov.uk or telephone 01279 446407.